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Think Like Your Customer

by Gaye Crispin

Know Your Customer

To know your customer you must think like your customer. And to think like your customer you must first find out what your customer thinks. The easiest way to do this is to ask your customer what he or she thinks. By asking your customer what she or he thinks you are treating your customer like a person, and not a commodity, number, or wallet on legs, which is an essential ingredient to customer loyalty and retention.

By thinking like, and knowing, your customer, you’ll develop an ability to quickly identify and anticipate customer wants and needs. Thinking like your customer enables you to customize how you sell to match how your customer prefers to buy.

Achieve this and you will have no competition.

Sell How Your Customer Likes It?

It’s easy to think like your customer because you’re a customer too. Here are 6 practice questions on thinking like a customer?

Gaye Crispin's Business Clinic -  How I Buy - How You Sell1) How do you make your buying decisions and prefer to buy?

2) How do you like to be treated when you make a purchase?

3) What have been some of your most positive experiences as a customer?

4) What business features or qualities have impressed you greatly in enterprises you have purchased from?

5) What businesses are you loyal to, and why?

6) Are there businesses you have vowed never to return to, and why?

Do you treat your customers like people, or do you treat them like commodities, numbers or wallets on legs? Thinking like your customer helps you customize how you sell to match how your customer buys.

Do this and you will have no competition.


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