Wanna Keep Your Customers? 15 Ways to Lessen Customer #Churn >>

Wanna Keep Your Customers?  15 Ways to Lessen Customer #Churn  >>  Wanna Keep Your Customers?

15 Ways to Lessen Customer #Churn  >>

15 Ways To Keep Your Customers

by Gaye Crispin

1: Know why your customers stay and why your customers leave.

2. Listen to your front-line people.

3. Listen to your customers.

4. Offer great products or service.

5. Provide excellent customer service.

6. Treat your customers well.

7. Know who your most valuable customers are and treat them even better!

8. Reward customer loyalty with incentives & rewards.

9. Give away freebies and free trails.

10. Connect with and maintain regular with contact with your customers via phone, apps, email, surveys, questionnaires and competitions.

11. Seek, encourage and reward customer feedback and complaints.

12. Use complaints to improve your customer service and business practices.

13. Be fair, promptly honor warranties and guarantees.

14. Regularly survey customers and use analytics.

15. Be personally accessible to customers and staff.


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