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Don’t overestimate what will happen in the next 2 years,

and underestimate what will happen in the next 10 years.

Bill Gates

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Trend Monitoring by Gaye Crispin

Your business doesn’t operate in a  vacuum – no business does. It competes in a global marketplace that never sleeps where many business owners hope nobody moves and nothing changes … and all dream of a place ahead of the curve.

Change – It’s the one constant in business, industry and life in general. And because events and changes in the global landscape effect your business, you simply can’t afford to miss the signs when important changes and trends do come along because that’s what staying in business is all about.

Failing to monitor current trends in your industry is extremely dangerous because you’re tying your business to impotent, dated, uncompetitive and inefficient business methods.

Accurate trendspotting combined with clever rapid response will attract your competitor’s customers to you like moths to a flame because you’re better equipped to meet their needs.

Monitoring trends is good business because it’s how you stay ahead of the curve, and if you plan to survive and thrive in business that’s where you need to be. So please take a minute to run through the quiz below to check how comfortable you are with your current trend monitoring capacities or if they may be improved.

Quick Trend Monitoring Quiz by Gaye Crispin

1) What will my industry or product look like in 10 years time?

2) What’s my plan to stay current with trends and issues in my industry?

3) How well does my business recognise, address and capitalize on change?

4) How agile is my business?

5) How rapidly does my business adapt to sudden and subtle changes in customer expectations, behaviour and/or demand?

6) How do I stay aware of the changing likes and dislikes of my target market?

7) How effective is my current monitoring program?

8) What software programs, platforms or apps can help me achieve my monitoring goals

9) How well does my business benefit from the insights gained from my current monitoring program?

10) Does my business use this information to set new trends in my industry, and if not why not?

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Hi there,

How’d you fare with our quiz? Have you ever caught an early wave in a business trend? Have you ever set a trend in your industry? We’d love to hear your story!

Gaye Crispin

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