The way to succeed is to double your error rate. Thomas J. Watson, Sr. #ABCSuccessTips

Gaye Crispin's Business Clinic -  Thomas J Watson Sr - The way to succeed is to double your error rate

The way to succeed is to double your error rate.

Thomas J. Watson, Sr

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Free Stuff Rocks – Saying “Yes” to freebies is good business! #freebies #ABCSuccessTip10

Free Stuff Rocks - Saying "Yes" to freebies is good business!  #ABCSuccessTip10

On Freebies

Running a business is probably the most expensive race you’ll ever run. And with no guarantee of winning, and plenty of competition, it’s important to cut costs wherever possible. That’s why free stuff rocks! Freebies save you money.

A few free pens here, a few free notepads there, a few free teabag samples. They all add up. Appreciate them. Use them. As they say, “Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.”

Free Stuff Rocks!

Every day, world-wide, millions of businesses give away ship loads of freebies. Yes, that’s right! I said ship loads!

Freebies are one of the best ways for sellers to connect with us, be remembered by us, and be positively talked about by us. And they know it. Freebies also come in all shapes and sizes. A friend of mine receives free yoga lessons from a local yoga instructor in exchange for freely displaying his brochures in her busy little beauty salon.

She’s extremely happy with her yoga classes that never run out, and he’s thrilled at having a living, breathing, walking, talking, human yoga class advertorial who is a leading local centre of influence. A lot of her salon clients have since joined his yoga classes. It’s a fabulous win-win for all of them, and a great barter story for me to share here with you!

How many businesses out there want to give you free stuff? Or want to do a mutually beneficial trade with you? Are you open to trading offers? Do you let people know you’re open?

Free Stuff Rocks - Saying "Yes" to freebies is good business!  #ABCSuccessTip10Freebies As Conversation Starters

Give-aways and test samples are very much part of standard market-penetration practices and strategies. And many freebies are great quality.

Actually, they have to be good to succeed as marketing tools. Think of free Twinings samples. Do you think they’d put low grade tea in their give-aways?

Many companies invest heavily in producing quality ‘sample’ offers specifically designed to get the community talking to them and to each other about the freebie.

Businesses give truckloads shiploads of freebies away with the very specific aim of starting a conversation with you, me, your family, my family, your friends, my friends. Do you say “yes” to freebies, samples and discount coupons? If “no”, why not?

Expos & Trade Shows – Freebie Heaven

Expos and Trade Shows are freebie heaven. They’re also great ways to connect with other people in business, because business people need to mix with other business people to stay current and fresh.

Next time there’s a local business expo or trade show in your area, take a bit of time out, and go along. Do you want your local business community to support youur business? Well try supporting theirs! Invest a few hours at your local business expo or trade show, Rotary community event, Lions Club fundraising Market Day, or Chamber of Commerce Business After 5. Good things happen when you get connected.

Business Is People – Be Social 

Introduce yourself. Chat with exhibitors. Ask questions about their business. Tell them about your business. Hand out your business cards. Connect. Connect. Connect. Attending trade shows or business expos (on either side of the display table) is a great way to build awareness of your brand.


And when you’re there enter every competition. Collect the show bags and check out the goodies. If you like something in a particfular bag, tell them. Watch a demonstration. Sit in on a workshop. Give feedback. Get involved. Speak with the presenters after the workshop and add them as new business contacts. Connect with them on social media platforms! All these actions are an investment in your future and the future of your business.

Trade shows and expos are also interesting places to observe people in business relating to each other. Plus they’re great places to mix, mingle, connect, and re-connect with your local business community. And on a personal note, they always help replenish my supply of Minties, sticky-note pads, pens, 4GB USB sticks, and cute, colourful stress balls.

Free Stuff Rocks - Saying "Yes" to freebies is good business! #freebies #ABCSuccessTip10

Star Trek – Klingon Captain’s Chair

After The Show

Yes, you’ll probably receive a whole bunch of phone calls for the next few days after entering competitions at a trade show. That’s okay. That’s just another reason it’s called a “Trade” show.

You traded your details, and the right to be contacted, in the hope of winning that strange looking Star Trek Klingon desk chair with the unpronouncable name (some assembly required).

When you do receive those follow-up calls, be polite, listen to their pitch, and then present your offer or counter-offer when you’ve both finished talking about their offer.

Remember,  these calls are free leads or referrral bases for your business. You’ve every right to discuss your product or service with them in the conversation. And if they’re good sales people they’ll be interested to know what your business does and needs.

So, in the end, it really doesn’t matter who initiated the call. The bottom line is, it’s a business call and they’re a live lead on the other end of the phone! That means it’s time to sell!

Seth Godin Unleashing the idea virusAnd Finally –  A Freebie On Me

“Unleashing the Ideavirus” by Seth Godin

eBook give-aways are possibly my favourite freebie to give and receive, and “Unleashing the Ideavirus” by Seth Godin is a great gift.

This is the most read, full length eBook of all time, and possibly the greatest freebie in eBook history, to-date. All business owners should read it through at least twice!

Jay Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing fame said of the author, “Bill Bernbach and Mark Twain. Combine their brains and shave their heads. What’s left? Seth Godin.”

Click here to download your free version. Alternatively, you can find the entire manifesto, along with slides and notes and other good stuff, at  I hope you enjoy it.


Until next time, here’s to you success.

May you live long and prosper,

Gaye Crispin

Founder and CEO Australian Business Champions

Creator: TAOLife Studio

Articles: Gaye Writes


Free Stuff Rocks - Saying yes to freebies is good business!  #ABCSuccessTip10


Chunk It Down: Turning your “To-Do” list into your “Ta-Da” list! #ABCSuccessTip9

Success Tip #9 – Chunk It Down

Chunk It Down: Turning your "To-Do" list into your "Ta-da" list!  #ABCSuccessTip9Turning your “To-Do” List into your “Ta-Da” List!

Ever had so many jobs to do you didn’t know where to start? Or a project so large and overwhelming, you’re still circling it today?

Chunking down may be the answer. Chunking down can help you achieve a deadline, finish a project, tidy a room, get through a large project, lose weight, turn out a fabulous banquet, finish a task, or turn your “To-Do” list into your “Ta-Da” list!

Chunk It Down: Turning your "To-Do" list into your "Ta-Da" list!  #ABCSuccessTip9Chunk It Down

Chunking down takes large, difficult, time-consuming, or overwhelming projects or plans, and breaks them down into small, bite-sized, manageable, chunks or actions. These chunks or actions are then worked through, one-at-a-time, until the task is accomplished or project completed.

By reducing our projects down to a series of small-and-much-more-comfortable-to-contemplate-and-manage chunks we are far less likely to find the task daunting and overwhelming because all we need do is focus on one small, manageable part at a time.

I’ve chunked down everything from creating business plans, building a restaurant, developing and training in time-management, training sales staff, selling investment property over the phone, writing poetry, cleaning house, helping kids with school projects, losing weight, planning holidays and family banquets, writing blogs, building websites, and renovating properties.

With drive and determination we can reduce the largest of projects and goals down to a series of small, logical tasks capable of being worked through one-at-a-time. And sometimes by even the most inexperienced operators.

Chunking down is production-line planning, and it doesn’t get much easier or simpler than that!


Chunk It Down: Turning your "To-Do" list into your "Ta-da" list!  #ABCSuccessTip9The Process – Bite-Sized Chunks

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

1) Break the project, plan or goal down into small, manageable, bite-sized chunks and list them.

2) Prioritise these chunks according to their order of importance. Place important and urgent tasks at top of list. If you’re in business, place important sales calls and all tasks directly related to producing immediate income at the top of your list, alongside lunch and all other urgent and important tasks.

3) Nail your foot to the floor. Work through your list until complete.

4) Rush to medical centre, have tetanus shot, get nail removed!

Run The Day

Chunk It Down: Turning your "To-Do" list into your "Ta-da" list!  #ABCSuccessTip9Run The Day – Either you run the day or the day runs you.

The ‘secret to success’ when chunking down is not beauty, brains, brawn, IQ, EQ or R2D2.

The secret to success in chunking down is drive, persistence, committment and perseverence. Just continue chunking until you’ve worked your way through all the tasks on your to-do list. And don’t stop there. Once completed, select another goal or task and repeat the process.

So get chunking until there’s nothing left to chunk and you’re the one running your days. That’s a great kind of FREEDOM!

To your success,


Gaye Crispin

Founder and CEO Australian Business Champions

Creator: TAOLife Studio

Articles: Gaye Writes



Chunk It Down: Turning your "To-Do" list into your "Ta-Da" list!  #ABCSuccessTip9


5 Rules For Success #SuccessTips

"5 Rules For Success" by Arnold Schwarzenegger  #ABCSuccessTips


5 Rules For Success

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The above list originally contained 6 rules:

Six Rules on How to Be Successful

1. Trust yourself
2. Break some rules
3. Don’t be afraid to fail
4. Ignore the naysayers
5. Work like hell
6. Give something back.


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Strong listening gives you the edge. This leader should have listened! #ABCBizSuccessTip3

 Success Tip #3 – Listen To Hear

Strong Listening Skills Give You The Edge #ABCBizTips

Strong Listening Skills Give You The Edge #ABCBizTips

Not all sales calls are a waste of time. In fact, professional sales consultants are just as concerned as you are about wasting time.

Good listening means better hearing. Better hearing saves you time, reduces friction and conflict, and helps you make less mistakes which means you make more money.

Active listening gives you the edge. Plus, it’s polite. Listen to hear!

Gaye Crispin's Business Clinic - Success Tip No 3 - Listen to Hear

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