Your Employees ARE Your Brand >>>

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Your employees ARE your brand.

(Article author – Gaye Crispin)

Employees and Volunteers: The New Influencers

Did you know your employees and volunteers have more credibility with your customers and clients than you do?  And that’s good news if you know how to use it.

Credibility Research

In 2012,  Data collected from more than 30,000 people found the average employee has more credibility in the marketplace than their executive superiors or employers.

“The rise in credibility of regular employees was the greatest increase since 2004. This …..  should serve as a wake-up call to leaders and communicators………  companies should be looking for ways to activate their employees and connect them with customers and the community via ambassador programs, featuring them in media and advertising content, and engaging them more deeply in product innovation and problem solving.”

Brian Waring, Former Starbucks Marketing VP said. “ … the longer we keep and develop (invest in) our baristas, and the more they embrace our values,  the better our coffee and service are.”  

Starbucks also imparts a strong sense of appreciation, recognition and belonging to its employees by providing employees with free coffee and opportunities for flexible work schedules that fit around the employees lifestyle and other commitments. No doubt this strengthens Starbucks brand amongst friends and families of Starbucks employees.

Brand Ambassadors

By turning your employees into trusted brand ambassadors, your company can connect your strongest asset (your employees) and your most influential internal advocates (your employees) directly with your customer base, and your customer base’s networks.

And this is where company driven employee use of social media comes into it’s own, and is definitely nothing to be afraid of.

With good governance, guidance, management, clear objectives and policies in place, having your happy employees sharing your latest product and service news throughout their online networks could be just the branding boost your company needs.


Competition Crusher

If you can learn how to work with “your employees are your brand”; and build your organisation around this principle, your staff and their networks and supporters will help ensure you have no competition.


by Gaye Crispin

Founder: Australian Business Champions

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Gaye Crispin's Business Clinic -  Gaye Crispin - Shero Quotes - Your employees are your brand -

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