Begin At The End: Begin with the end in mind. #ABCSuccessTip8

Success Tip #8 – Begin At The End

Begin At The End: Begin With The End In Mind


The End Is The Beginning

Begin At The End: Begin with the end in mind #ABCSuccessTip8I love success quotes because they make us think, and recently I was pondering this quote, “The secret to getting ahead is to begin.

Beginning something won’t necessarily get you ahead. People begin things all the time, with most business plans never getting off the kitchen table, and most dreams never realized.

The fact is, beginning something is only a tiny part of the secret to success, and starting at the beginning is not necessarily “a very good place to start.” The best place to start is knowing what outcome you want, and broadly (or bulletpoint) mapping it backwards from end to beginning.

Begin At The End: Begin with the end in mind. #ABCSuccessTip8Good business and marketing planning never starts at the beginning! If we started from the beginning, without working backwards first, we’d be working blind! We’d produce ‘bitsa’ plans that are completely unworkable and look like “The House That Jack Built,” with bitsa this and bitsa that everywhere. A real mess.

I always recommend beginning with the end vision in mind. Then work backwards with broad brush-strokes until you’re back to where you (and/or your business) are currently at.  The ‘working backwards’ process is the greatest single element in building a cohesive, solid, sustainable, logical, easily and speedily actionable plan, because it provides the distinct advantage of foresight! You already know 99% of what’s ahead, and you’ve planned for it.

The Secret To The Secret

As I was pondering,“The secret to getting ahead is to begin,” I realized that with some massaging it could be an interesting topic at a Chatuccino small business support morning, so I set to work. Here’s what evolved:

Take 1: The secret to getting ahead is to begin  + at the right place.” Because beginning at the right place saves time and money. The right place is the end. Begin at the end – Map backwards first.  Then, with the wireframe from that, you can map forward with confidence.

Take 2: “The secret to getting ahead is to begin at the right place, +  and ensure you’re heading in the right direction.” Because going the wrong way can be a disaster! Like in a fire, or on an outback roadtrip with limited fuel and water. Or planting 10 acres of the wrong type of aloe-vera, one unfit for human consumption, and not discovering your mistake until harvest (true story).

Take 3:”The secret to getting ahead is to begin at the right place, ensure you’re heading in the right direction, +  and then persevere until you’ve won!”  Because winners never quit!

I was now happy with the quote. It had become a simple “3-ingredient formula to success” that anyone could understand.



Begin At The End: Begin with the end in mind #ABCSuccessTip8Oh No! Not Another Formula To Success!

Yes, with 3 components, “beginning at the right place,” “heading in the right direction,” and “persevering until you’ve won, or you’re done,” and where all 3 are equally vital to success.


They are also particularly relevant to new or small businesses where man-power, finances, time and resources are often seriously limited.

Or where you only have sufficient funding or resources for just one bite of the cherry.

Or where you have backers to satisfy. That’s why they’re called backers. Because they’re always on your back!


So whether you’re:

  • starting a new business venture,
  • looking to add a new line to your existing product suite,
  • designing a new menu or product brochure,
  • expanding your territory,
  • hiring and training staff,
  • creating a sales presentation,
  • building a website,
  • designing a marketing campaign,
  • looking to lose weight,
  • planning a home renovation,
  • planning a holiday,
  • teaching kids to study,
  • running a seminar,
  • preparing a Sunday morning brunch,
  • or any number of other projects, goals and plans, the secret to succeeding is to begin with your desired result in mind, map your plan backwards, set to work on the plan, monitor and measure your progress regularly to ensure you’re heading in the right direction, and then continue to persevere until you get there.

Now all you need to add is a tidy work-space for a clear head, a first-rate time-management system along with a deadline, and you’re set to rule the day!

Here’s to brilliant beginnings, excellent endings, and your continued success,

Gaye Crispin

Founder and CEO Australian Business Champions

Creator: TAOLife Studio

Articles: Gaye Writes



Begin At The End: Begin with the end in mind #ABCSuccessTip8