Pop a Mint! A good breath is good for business. #ABCSuccessTip4

Success Tip #4 – Pop A Mint

For want of a breath mint a job was lost.

Gaye Crispin's Business Clinic - Success Tip 4 - Bad Breath Is Bad BusinessI still remember him. Or at least I remember his breath. The breath of a job interviewee over 25 years ago.

He presented well. His suit and shoes were immaculate. But his breath! His breath hailed from the very bowels of hell itself and could strip paint off walls.

Staff sitting a few feet away from my desk, and overcome by the fumes, were gesturing half-comical-half-threatening signals that screamed “DO NOT HIRE THAT MAN!!!”

What could I do? I felt sorry for the guy. It was obvious he really wanted the job, but the stench – it was killing me! And a breath like that would kill any business.

Gaye Crispin's Business Clinic - Success Tip 4 - Bad Breath Is Bad BusinessSince then I’ve learned a little about bad breath, what causes bad breath and how bad breath can negatively impact on just about any business.

The good news is it can easily be managed and overcome because not all bad breath is due to poor dental hygiene, or bad health.

I’ve also learned that some bad breath is actually work-related!

3 common causes of bad breath.

Gaye Crispin's Business Clinic - Bad Breath is Bad Business 21) Lots of talking. Roles that require a lot of talking can cause bad breath that would make “The Toxic Avenger” jealous. Some examples of talking jobs are public speaking, consulting, sales, demonstrating, teaching, advisor roles, etc.


2) Not eating breakfast. The breath of many people who don’t eat breakfast could fuel a rocketship to the moon, but eating breakfast can fix that. Somehow, food seems to put a lid on some of the the oral ‘night gases’ we produce, so eating even a light breakfast like a banana or museli bar can sometimes make all the difference.

3) A dry mouth. A dry mouth after a particularly long phone conversation or sales appointment can transform you into “The Breath-Monster From Hell.”  Just drinking a glass of water afterwards with a squeeze of fresh lemon or a sprig of mint in it can work wonders for dry mouth breath odour.

They say, “Only your friends will tell you if your breath stinks.” 

Be aware of other people’s body language. What is their body language saying about your breath?

You could ask friends and family if they have ever noticed you with bad breath.  If “yes,” try using a mouth wash and keeping a few breath mints handy at all times. If this doesn’t work see your doctor, naturopath or herbalist.

And of course, the most important thing you can do to maintain good oral hygiene is visit your dentist and dental hygienist regularly.

What ever you do, don’t do nothing. It’s your business and a good fresh breath is good for business.

To good breath and long-term success,

Gaye Crispin

Founder and CEO Australian Business Champions

Creator: TAOLife Studio

Articles: Gaye Writes

Gaye Crispin's Business Clinic - Success Tip 4 - Bad Breath Is Bad Business



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